Friday, March 1, 2013

Cardboard Creations

Have you sworn off buying Christmas gifts?  I have.  Of course that doesn't mean I don't spend money on gifts, but I've given up the buying junk and wrapping it tradition.  This last December I gave 5 types:

1. Cash: (only if the recipient is yet to be an adult with a full time job- i.e. my siblings in high school and college)  Yes, they're A LOT younger than me.

2. Food: I think my dad would perish if I didn't make him apple pie for Christmas.  This is aside from the pie served at Christmas.  It is his very own.  This is also his birthday and father's day gift of choice.  I make really good apple pie.  :-)

3. Donations: (some of the extended family has a hard time appreciating this, but Felix the cat we sponsored at the no-kill shelter probably does- in his own cat way- so I don't care)

4. Inedible far my favorite.  This is where money really starts to come in.  Yarn is not cheap my friends.

5. Outings: We took the above mentioned siblings snowboarding for their first time...after lessons, rentals and lift tickets it was WAY more than we would have spent on gifts for them, but we all had fun and they'll remember it much longer than anything I could have wrapped in paper.

So, for anyone who is trying to save (snowboarding is probably out) or just wants to get back to a less commercialized holiday, this is the first of several posts on inexpensive, creative, eco-friendly or all of the above gift-giving.

We don't have any little ones at our house to enjoy these beautiful cardboard creations, but they're so wonderful I love to look at the tutorials.

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